Proud Dad Moment

Most of you know that my kids have been swimming for quite some time. In fact, Jade swam her first competitive meet when she was just 4!

Well, last night was the team banquet for the the DHS Swim Team. Jade was the only freshman on the team, and really wanted to earn her varsity letter. Not everyone knows, but she battled through some injuries through the season and was limited on practice time, etc.

Last night, I think it's safe to say we were both surprised...

jade busch varsity letter

Not only did Jade earn her varsity letter as a freshman, but she was also on the list for scholar athletes.

AND- she had the most points at the meets for the girls this season, so she was given the MVP Award for the girls.

She has worked hard and put a countless amount of time in at the pool to get where she is.

Last night was a special moment.

P.S. The second pictures isn't from when she started at 4.. but more like when she was 7. Best I could find.

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