Randoms-Why Single Dudes Stink, Quitting Facebook makes you Happier, Dumber

Single guys stink … literally. According to a new study, single guys smell worse than men in relationships. And, nope, it’s not bad hygiene. Apparently single guys produce more testosterone than guys who are in relationships. Higher levels of testosterone are associated with stronger body odor. ( NY Post )

Quitting Facebook makes you happier … but dumber. A new study found that people who gave up Facebook for four weeks reported having better moods. But, they also were less informed about current events. It seems Facebook users are getting most of their news from the social media site. And when they’re off Facebook, they’re not using the extra time to read newspapers. ( NY Post )

Tinder … for dogs. Dog lovers in Lithuania have created an app called GetPet that allows you to swipe left or right on a data base of shelter dogs that need homes. When you find a pup you think you might like you can arrange a date at the shelter to meet your pet and see if it’s a match. Since launching in January the app has helped find homes for thousands of dogs. ( Buzz 60 )

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