Randoms-Nat'l Napping Day, TP: Under or Over, Good Credit Before Marriage


  • National Napping Day. This day is observed every year the day after the return of Daylight Savings Time. You lost an hour of sleep ... so, go ahead, take a nap. We’re sure your boss won’t mind.

Over or under? The great toilet paper debate has finally been answered once and for all – thanks to the discovery of a 128-year-old patent. The patent, dated September 15, 1891, included a detailed 6-figure drawing showing the toilet paper going up and over the roll – not under. (Mirror)

No joking allowed … if you’re a woman …A new study found that women who are funny and joke around at work are less likely to be taken seriously than male co-workers who do the same thing. The study, from the University of Arizona and the University of Colorado at Boulder, had participants watch a video where a male manager and a female manager delivered information in a joking way. The male and female managers used the exact same script – but the results showed that when the man said the jokes, they were seen as “functional,” but when the woman joked, it was considered to be “disruptive.” The researchers believe the results show that when male managers joke around, it’s seen as a way to boost office morale and camaraderie. But, when women do it, it somehow reflects a lack of professionalism and leadership skills.Sigh …(Best Life)

Credit report before commitment …A new survey found that 60 percent of respondents said they want to know their partner’s financial status before making a commitment to them. The survey revealed that 23 percent have lied to their partner about their finances and 11 percent said they lied about how much debt they had. Maybe that’s why 37 percent said they have arguments with their partner about their finances. (SWNS)

Do you have a sex bucket list?According to a new survey, 60 percent of respondents said they had a sex bucket list. Topping that list are: Having sex in a car (30 percent), doing it in a body of water (27 percent) and using an adult toy (25 percent). (SWNS)

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