AuGlaize Village World War II Reenactment | July 9, 2022

Close Up Of German Military Ammunition Of A German Soldier. World War II German Soldiers Standing Order. Photo In Black And White Colors. Soldiers Holding Weapon Rifle

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World War II Reenactment to be Held at AuGlaize Village The Defiance County Historical Society AuGlaize Village is presenting a World War II Reenactment on Saturday, July 9, 2022 with gates opening to the public at 9am.

Demonstrations and explanations of equipment and firearms will be given at various stations. The Greater Ohio Living History Association is proud to offer a Timeline Living History Event Open to All WWII Era Impressions, All Theaters of Operation (1939-1945). The intent of this Timeline event is to encourage reenactors from all WWII time periods, theaters of operation and fronts to show the public the scope and breadth of WWII. 

Most events are theme-related which limits participation and gives a narrow view of WWII - the intent of this event to be a bit more inclusive and provide a safe, fun and informative event. You must pre-register with Capt. Robert Mergel, 36th ID,143/1/ Co. A, at email: since for safety reasons walk-ons will not be allowed to participate.

The various units that will be participating in the event are the 36th ID, 143/1, A Co. (US) an infantry unit equipped with light weapons (M 1 Garands, 1903 & 1903A3 Springfields, M 1 Carbines, Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR) and Bazookas. The 801st Air Evac an evacuation unit with minimal medical aid unit - they portray both Pacific Theatre of Operations and European Theatre of Operations. The GBergs (Axis) will also be lightly armed with K98 Mauser Rifles, MP 40 Submachine Guns - but will most likely have an MG 34 or MG 43 heavy machine gun and a Panzerfaust (Anti-Tank Weapon).The Grossdueschland is the German counterpart to the US field hospital. Scott Lantow is our local person that is helping coordinate this event with the Greater Ohio Living History Association. He can be contacted at The Motorama XV car show will be held the day following the World War II Reenactment, July 10th. There may be some World War II reenactors staying over to attend the car show and would be displaying their equipment also.

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