Randoms-Top 20 List of "Life's Greatest Pleasures", & More!

Wine is fine …Is having a glass of wine one of life’s greatest little pleasures? According to a survey, having wine tops the list of life’s greatest little moments – beating out other little pleasures like getting a massage, having dessert, and eating a home-cooked meal. 67 percent of Americans surveyed said having a glass of wine was a great way to relax, unwind, and enjoy some me-time. 49 percent said they like having wine with their partner, and 58 percent said they liked having wine with friends. And the best time to have that wine? 6:59 p.m. This was dubbed “Wine O’Clock” by respondents.

Here are the Top 20 “Life’s Little Pleasures”:

  1. Drinking wine -- 65%
  2. Being home to watch my favorite TV shows -- 56%
  3. Home-cooked meal -- 55%
  4. Going shopping for myself -- 51%
  5. Reading a book -- 51%
  6. A sweet treat (delicious dessert) -- 50%
  7. Date night with my partner -- 49%
  8. Happy hour with friends -- 48%
  9. Taking a leisurely walk outside -- 47%
  10. Putting fresh sheets on my bed -- 46%
  11. Massage -- 46%
  12. Dark chocolate -- 45%
  13. Ordering takeout -- 44%
  14. The smell of fresh laundry -- 44%
  15. Watching sports -- 43%
  16. Taking a day off work to do nothing/staycation -- 42%
  17. Fresh towels -- 42%
  18. Talking on the phone with my best friend -- 41%
  19. Reading a magazine -- 38%
  20. Spraying on some perfume -- 37% (SWNS)

Too tired to be adventurous in the kitchen when you get home?You’re not alone. A survey of couples found that 25 percent of respondents say they are too tired to try and create an exciting meal for dinner. Respondents also said they didn’t have the energy to look for recipes, search for ingredients in the supermarket, or spend hour prepping or creating exotic meals. Two thirds of couples say they will just have the same food every night, despite being bored with what they are eating. (SWNS)

So Mayomust and Mayocue are things now …Yep, for everyone unable to mix their mayo with mustard or BBQ sauce on their own, Heinz has now introduced Mayomust and Mayocue. These can be found alongside previously released Mayochup – the mayo/ketchup mixture released last fall. (The Daily Meal)

Endurance athletes helped by Mediterranean diet …According to a new study from Saint Louis University, eating a Mediterranean diet can improve the performance of endurance athletes -- after just four days. Amazingly, just four days of avoiding red meat, dairy and processed sugar helped study subjects cut six percent off of their race time. And then, the benefits were quickly lost when the subjects switched back to their usual Western diet. (Medical Xpress)

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